Chrome Daddy : pubblicato il debut album

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Main Man Records ha appena rilasciato il debut album omonimo dei Chrome Daddy, progetto nato a fine anni novanta da Shawn Mars (vocals, chitarra) e Keith Roth (basso) con Damian Cordisco alla batteria e Scotti Hill (Skid Row) alla chitarra. Questo il comunicato stampa che accompagna la release:

“Chrome Daddy was a band that surfaced out of friendship and blasted into the stratosphere of the Jersey hard rock universe. Enlisting the ever capable drumming skills of Cordisco and the six-string talents of Hill, Mars and Roth seized downtime opportunity to blaze rock and roll trails of Marshall-fueled brilliance, melding influential commonalities from bands such as Sweet, David Bowie, T.Rex, Cheap Trick and Kiss and their love for all things 1970s into some of the decade’s most underrated rock and roll to date.

This rare release is a detailed story of that passionate effort. A musical journey comprised of standout individuals that teamed up to lay down a lifetime of skill in the briefest of timelines. The music you’ll hear was birthed from the raw intensity of demos that came from the soul before growing and evolving into an even larger body of work for the consideration of one of rock and roll’s biggest managers. In a time when the music business was shifting from the sound of the Sunset Strip to the grungy feedback drenched cries of the great Northwest, this foursome saw an extremely original opportunity to head down new and inspiring paths of direction.”

Questa la tracklist:

01. True Blue Lies
02. 30 Days
03. Top Of The Mornin’
04. Black Trip’
05. Drivin’ With Your Eyes Closed
06. It’s All Wrong
07. Stars That Fall
08. Chrome Daddy
09. Panic In Needle Park
10. I Can See


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