Craig Goldy : Dario Seixas è il bassista del suo nuovo progetto

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L’ex chitarrista dei Dio Craig Goldy ed il frontman e fondatore dei Quiet Riot Mark Huff hanno reclutato il bassista Dario Seixas (Firehouse, Stephen Pearcy, Crown Of Thorns, Jack Russell’s Great White) per il loro nuovo progetto. Goldy ha detto:

“Dario is a very experienced and knowledgeable musician and quite multi-faceted, if I don’t say so myself! He has lead-vocal capabilities, is a great player with great stage presence, writes great song ideas and is a very high-caliber person.

As I have mentioned in several interviews, I wanted to put the ‘holy shit’ factor” back into the hard rock/heavy metal genre by getting virtuosos in their own right together in one band that not only look the part, but are also unusually and vastly talented and who are good human beings… and we can all agree on producing high-quality music together!! Now, that’s not easy to do!! But I now have two out of the four that are necessary, and as I stated before, there is a keyboard player that I think is perfect for us, but we just haven’t made it official as I have been advised not to put my ‘eggs’ in one basket just yet! Plus, the keyboardist position is going to be a highly skillful and unique objective in order to fulfill this endeavor in full, and these guys don’t grow on trees!”


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