Onkel Tom : nuovo album per Steamhammer/SPV

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Gli Onkel Tom — il progetto solista di Thomas “Angelripper” Such, bassista/vocalist dei thrashers Sodom — hanno firmato un deal con Steamhammer/SPV. Il nuovo album, intitolato “H.E.L.D.”, uscirà a settembre. Georg Schröder, A&R di Steamhammer, ha dichiarato:

“It was more than logical that the new Onkel Tom album will be released via Steamhammer.

Tom is already an integral part of our roster with his thrash metal band Sodom and we are pretty sure that we can push Onkel Tom to the next level together.

The upcoming new album called ‘H.E.L.D.’ is without any doubt one of the best German-language rock/metal albums of the year. It’s authentic, musically and lyrically sophisticated and, last but not least, it’s the perfect soundtrack for your next rock ‘n’ roll party.”


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