Audrey Horne : “Pure Heavy” esce a fine settembre

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I norvegesi Audrey Horne pubblicheranno il nuovo studio album “Pure Heavy” il 29 settembre via Napalm Records. La band ha commentato:

“We are proud to present our new album, ‘Pure Heavy’, an album that was written and recorded in the same spirit as ‘Youngblood’, and that we think will rock your socks off.

This time we worked with two producers: Sir Dupermann (a.k.a. Jörgen Traeen), who mixed the precious album, and The Sun King (a.k.a. Iver Sandöy), who engineered ‘Youngblood’. Together we created something that we found fitting to the title and we are truly looking forward to come out and present this album to you all live.”


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