Mötley Crüe : Nikki Sixx operato per una doppia ernia

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Il bassista dei Mötley Crüe Nikki Sixx è stato operato per una doppia ernia. Ecco il suo comunicato:

“I have been performing during the last few months with a pretty intense double hernia, but you gotta give 100% even through the pain onstage.The good news is yesterday I got surgery on both sides and it went really really well. My lovely wife, kids and Leica have been really taking care of me.

I should be up and kicking ass in a few weeks and back in the gym/tour in six weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all back out on the road.

P.S.: Holy Jesus, it feels like I got kicked in the stomach by a horse. They gave me some pain meds but I am trying to not take them, and luckily, Courtney Bingham-Sixx looks pretty hot in her nurse outfit…”


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