Onslaught : niente tour per Sy Keeler, al suo posto Neil Turbin

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Il vocalist degli Onslaught Sy Keeler non potrà partecipare all’imminente “Thrash Invasion Tour 2014” che toccherà U.S.A., Canada e Sud America a causa dei problemi di salute di suo figlio. Sarà sostituito, per l’intera durata del tour, da Neil Turbin (Anthrax). Di seguito la dichiarazione di Sy Keeler:

“I know you are going to be disappointed with my decision as am I, but I sincerely hope you can understand our situation.

My reason for this is the ongoing health issues with my son, who has been suffering with a debilitating illness for some time. He is still on a downward path with no sign of any recovery on the horizon. Therefore, to be away for two months will put a lot of pressure on the family and increased anxiety on my son. We also have regular visits to specialists coming up during the next six months. Therefore, at this time, I am having to think of my family first and sadly I am unable to be away in the Americas for the duration intended.”


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