Virgin Steele : nuovo album ad inizio 2015

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I Virgin Steele rilasceranno il loro nuovo studio album tra febbraio e marzo 2015 via SPV/Steamhammer. David DeFeis ha detto del nuovo album:

“Is a very heavy non-concept type album in the vein of something like a ‘Noble Savage’ or an ‘Age Of Consent’, where there is no particular ‘story’ that one has to follow. It is instead a straightforward collection of songs that work well together. It is about 80-90% tracked already, and final mixing will begin next month.

And for those who were asking, yes, the new album does have a title and I will reveal it in the weeks ahead.

With these new recordings we have gone back to some earlier methods of recording such as using analog tape, and the whole thing sounds and feels very organic.

The group and I are really happy with the new material and we are sure that all the Fans who waited so long will be more than pleased.”

I know that we announced a box set was to be issued this autumn, which, in addition to two more reissues, would also have included a new bonus album called ‘Ghost Harvest’ (which, by the way, is finished and ready to go), but the group and I and our label all feel that the time is right now first for some brand new U.S. metal in the style that Virgin Steele deliver. Therefore, the new album is now our focus, but fear not, the previously discussed box set will be released later next year, most likely a short time after we issue the brand new release that we are currently completing.”


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