Hate Eternal : ecco il nuovo batterista

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Gli Hate Eternal hanno annunciato l’ingresso nella band del nuovo batterista Chason Westmoreland (Fallujah, Burning The Masses, Enfold Darkness, Oceano). Il cantante e chitarrista Erik Rutan ha detto:

“Chason is such an amazing talent and a very determined guy. He came down to try out in June and literally blew us away! We bonded instantly musically and personally, and JJ and I knew he was the right guy and drummer for Hate Eternal. Chason has a high motor, hits hard, plays fast and is a very diverse and dynamic player.

The drums on this album have a very primal and visceral feel to them and I think he did a tremendous job on the recording.

I cannot wait for us to get on tour and deliver the goods!”


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