Megadeth : se ne vanno Broderick e Drover

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Il batterista Shawn Drover non fa più parte dei Megadeth. Questo il suo comunicato:

“After 10 years, I have decided to quit Megadeth to pursue my own musical interests.

I want to thank Dave Mustaine and the entire Megadeth family, as well as thanking all the amazing Megadeth fans around the world!!! I truly appreciate all of you.

Stay tuned for info on my next musical journey.”


Con un nuovo comunicato, anche il chitarrista Chris Broderick annuncia la sua uscita dai Megadeth. Eccolo di seguito:

“Due to artistic and musical differences, it is with great reluctance that I announce my departure from Megadeth to pursue my own musical direction.

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate the amount that you the fans have accepted and respected me as a member of Megadeth for the last seven years, but it is time for me to move on.

I wish Dave and everyone in Megadeth all the best.

I am working on a few things of my own and hope that when they come out, you will all dig it.”


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