Kataklysm : svelato il titolo del nuovo album

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I canadesi Kataklysm sono in studio per registare il successore di “Waiting For The End To Come”. Il nuovo album si intitolerà “Of Ghosts And Gods” e dovrebbe uscire la prossima estate via Nuclear Blast. La band ha dichiarato:

“Kataklysm has been full of inspiration and are in full determination mode lately; a rejuvenated band that is out to conquer the world with no sign of stopping!

This promises to be the album that will once and for all establish Kataklysm as one of the top pioneers of the genre!

The latest material will be touching on some new ground while maintaining the aggressive edge the band has always been known for.

The chemistry with new drummer Oli Beaudoin is incredible, and the four horsemen promise some crushing new material coming your way. Death metal hymns are arriving!”


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