Ronnie James Dio : un musical sul leggendario cantante

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Sound Chaser Productions ha annunciato la messa in scena del primo heavy metal musical mondiale: “The Legend Of Dio: A Metal Musical”. Il comunicato stampa ufficiale dice:

“The world’s legions of Ronnie James Dio fans will soon have something to celebrate after mourning the passing of the great metal singer in 2010.

‘The Legend Of Dio: A Metal Musical’, featuring the songs of Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow and starring Melbourne metal warriors Barbariön, will have its world premiere at The Corner Hotel in Richmond (Victoria, Australia) on Friday, March 6th.

A fictional comedy based on Dio’s music, lyrics and imagery, ‘The Legend Of Dio’ is equal parts Tenacious D, ‘Rock Of Ages’ and Shakespeare. So come, raise your devil horns and salute a true metal legend.

Starring Barbariön’s menacing frontman Myles Tauchert as Satan, William James Smith from H.M.A.S. Vendetta as Dio and Kat Stargazer of Horizons Edge as Wendy.”

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