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Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick : anche Matt Bachand nella loro nuova band

Pubblicato il 28/01/2015 da in News | 0 commenti

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La nuova band di Shawn Drover (batteria) e Chris Broderick (chitarra) con l’ex cantante degli Scar The Martyr Henry Derek Bonner, ha aggiunto ai propri ranghi il chitarrista degli Shadows Fall Matt Bachand nel ruolo di bassista. Drover ha detto:

“I have known Matt for 15 years now and he is a great musician, songwriter, singer and all around GREAT person.

To say I’m jacked up about having Matt with us is an understatement!

All the songs have shaped up nicely and there is a lot of metal dynamics on these songs, overall. Some of them are flat-out thrash-speed metal, others are uptempo, but I can assure you it is all 100% HEAVY METAL.

Those who know me know I have always been an advocate for the more aggressive metal stuff, so if you’re expecting anything to the contrary on this record, you would be dead wrong.

Anyways, Matt Bachand will be in the studio with me [in Hartford], as he lives not too far from the studio, as does the producer/engineer who will be recording drum tracks with me.

As I write this I cannot reveal WHO he is yet, nor the record company we are signing with, etc. That’s for the press release, which you will all see very soon. Believe me, this dude is a full on METAL PRODUCER/ENGINEER (I would never have anybody but that to do this kind of music).”



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