The Skull : ecco il nuovo batterista

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I The Skull – band formata dall’ex Trouble Eric Wagner (vocals), il bassista Ron Holzner ed i chitarristi Lothar Keller e Matt Goldsborough (ex Pentagram) – annunciano l’ingresso nella band del batterista Sean Saley (Pentagram). Saley ha detto:

“I am extremely psyched to be joining the band in time to carry out the live campaign to bring The Skull’s debut album ‘For Those Which Are Asleep’ to the masses.

I’d like to thank Ron, Eric, Matt, and Lothar for making me feel welcome and appreciating what I can bring to The Skull. I’d also like to thank Oly for laying the solid foundation that I can build on, and for being an iconic drummer I’ve respected for decades. Last, but not least, I am also amped up to reunite with Matt Goldsborough, my former bandmate from Pentagram, who is a great guitarist and a true rocker!”


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