Primal Fear : cambia la line-up

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I tedeschi Primal Fear si sono separati dal batterista brasiliano Aquiles Priester (Hangar, Angra): al suo posto è stato annunciato Francesco Jovino (U.D.O.). Inoltre, il chitarrista Tom Naumann è tornato a far parte della band in pianta stabile. Questo il comunicato rilasciato dai Primal Fear:

“We knew it would be a hard mission for us to make it work with Aquiles, but we’ve given it a try, and, unfortunately, to combine our present obligations and our future endeavors, it has become impossible to have a cohesive band together. Due to our schedules and the distance between the continents, we have decided to part ways. From both sides, we do not have any regrets at all and we are very happy that we have tried our best to make it happen. We are all still good friends and we wish all the best for each other in the future.”


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