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Infernal Majesty : svelato il titolo del nuovo album

Pubblicato il 6/07/2015 da in News | 0 commenti

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I canadesi Infernal Majesty hanno scelto “No God” come titolo del loro nuovo album, atteso nei negozi entro fine anno. Il vocalist Christopher Bailey ha detto del nuovo CD:

“It is our best work since ‘None Shall Defy’ [1987]. In my opinion, it’s a combination of ‘Unholier Than Thou’ and ‘None Shall Defy’ through together.

The first video is called ‘House Of War’. Basically, it’s about what’s been going on with all the shit in this world in this day and age.

When we started work on the new album, a couple of the songs that will be on it were already in the works on the ‘Demon God’ demo : ‘Nation Of Assassins’ and ‘Systematical Extermination’. Now, we took ‘Systematical’ and we took ‘Nations’… They weren’t just re-recorded.

This album we spent three years writing. It is our best work since ‘None Shall Defy’.”

Un trailer per il video di “House Of War” può essere visto al link qui sotto.



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