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Dee Snider : registrati quattro nuovi brani

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Secondo, il frontman dei Twisted Sister Dee Snider ha registrato quattro nuovi brani con Damon Ranger, vincitore di Grammy, Oscar ed Emmy Award. Snider ha detto:

“Ranger approached me and said, ‘Hey man, I think we can reintroduce you to a new audience. You’re iconic. You’re the voice of rebellion. You could be singing a rock ‘Roar’ for a new pop audience, I’m into trying new, challenging things, so I said ‘What do you got in mind?’ and we did these tracks. I didn’t touch them as a writer; Ranger said, ‘Do you want to write?’ ‘Absolutely not. I don’t know how to write new songs. I know how to write old songs.’ Ranger has a grand plan of taking me from Active Rock to Foo Fighters rock to pop-rock to stadium rock.

Do I think it’s gonna happen? Doubtful. It’s kind of long shot when you do something like that, but if it works that would be a whole different thing for me to step into that area as a contemporary artist with music being played on contemporary radio, not oldies stations for classic rock stations but actually connecting with people on a contemporary level. Now that would get me interested. That would be a new challenge.”

In un’altra news, ha messo online un nuovo brano di Dee Snider, intitolato “To Hell And Back” e registrato dal cantante con la sua band solista. Il brano farà parte di un nuovo album su cui Dee è al lavoro. Potete ascoltare il brano sulla pagina Soundcloud del cantante:

In merito al brano, Dee Snider ha detto:

“‘To Hell And Back’ represents my first truly new, original musical offering since the ’90s. When my friend and co-writer, guitarist Nick Perri, presented me with the riff and music bed for this song, I found true inspiration to write for the first time in decades. Lyrically, the song raises a bold middle finger to those who whine and complain about the difficulties of life, but have no real clue what difficult is. As I say in the song, ‘Don’t tell me your sad story. Don’t say your world is black. Just spare me your vainglory. I’ve been to hell and back!'”



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