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Redemption : Simone Mularoni ospite sul nuovo album

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I Redemption – progressive metal band americana con il chitarrista/songwriter Nick Van Dyk ed il vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning) – pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album “The Art of Loss” ad inizio 2016 via Metal Blade Records. La lineup della band è completata dal bassista Sean Andrews, dal drummer Chris Quirarte e dal chitarrista Bernie Versailles.

I Redemption ospiteranno diversi chitarristi sul nuovo album, nomi illustri come Chris Poland (Megadeth), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Chris Broderick (Megadeth) ed il nostro Simone Mularoni! Nick Van Dyk ha detto:

“We’re fortunate to have worked with a number of amazing musicians. To start with, I’m extremely proud to announce that Chris Poland has lent his immense talent as a special guest on this record, contributing his unique playing on the majority of the songs and elevating our music into extremely interesting territory while calling to mind his work in his previous bands, who need not be named. Additionally, we are fortunate enough to have mind-blowing guest performances from Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick and Simone Mularoni, all of whom are amazing guitarists who add so much to this record.”



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