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Hate Eternal : in tour con l’ex drummer degli Obscura

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Il batterista Chason Westmoreland ha lasciato gli Hate Eternal a causa di problemi famigliari. Durante il tour nordamericano che vedrà la band come headliner – supportata da Misery Index, Beyond Creation e Rivers Of Nihil – il posto di batterista sarà affidato a Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Necrophagist). Erik Rutan ha commentato:

“Hannes is an incredible drummer, amazing person and absolute professional.

We had the fortune of touring with Obscura many years ago and got to witness first hand the kind of pedigree Hannes is as a musician.

Rehearsal is going great and we could not be more excited about getting out there on our first headlining tour for our new album, ‘Infernus’, with Hannes behind the kit! Hope to see you all out there on the road!”

Hannes Grossmann ha aggiunto:

“I’m absolutely stoked to play with Hate Eternal.They’re an iconic and genre-defining band in death metal. Erik and J.J. are phenomenal players and great guys.

We’ve been rehearsing all week at Mana Recording Studios, and it has been amazing thus far.

I worked really hard to play these songs the right way and I can’t wait to finally present it to fans across North America. See you on tour.”



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