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Munroe’s Thunder : la nuova band di Ronny Munroe

Pubblicato il 4/12/2015 da in News | 0 commenti

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L’ex cantante dei Metal Church Ronny Munroe ha messo in piedi una nuova band chiamata Munroe’s Thunder. La band si completa con i chitarristi David Mark Pearce e Justin Zych, RC Ciejek al basso e Rick Ward alla batteria. Il debut album “The Black Watch” dovrebbe uscire la prossima estate. Ronny Munroe ha commentato:

“The dynamics of this band are beyond incredible and we look forward to bringing you something absolutely mindblowing.

I feel fortunate to be working with persons of utmost talent and drive who are wholeheartedly dedicated in creating this masterpiece in the making! This one is already turning out to be an epic creation. We’re psyched!”



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