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Whitesnake : David Coverdale pensa al ritiro nel 2017

Pubblicato il 12/04/2016 da in News | 0 commenti

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Il frontman dei Whitesnake David Coverdale ha detto che sta pensando di ritirarsi nel 2017, in corrispondenza con il trentesimo anniversario dell’album “1987”. Durante un’intervista con, Coverdale ha detto:

“I was trying to retire. I released a thing called ‘The Purple Album’, which I thought, after losing Jon Lord in 2012, I’d received a message from his representative to say, ‘He’s determined to kick this. Would you be there for some kind of Purple reunion thing?’ I said, ‘Tell him I’m there for him.’ And sadly he didn’t recover. But I reached out to Blackmore after 30 years of hostility to bury the hatchet and with no other agenda other than to share the sadness and sorrow. And we started communicating into 2013 when he asked me to speak to his manager about working together and doing either Blackmore/Coverdale or some kind of Purple thing. And really, I love what I do! Knowing me, I started working on revamping or contemporizing ‘Burn’ songs. I thought, ‘He’s not going to want to do ‘Come Taste The Band’ with Tommy Bolin, God rest his soul. But, sorry, I thought, with his wife, he has Blackmore’s Night, and I thought, I’ll rearrange the song ‘Sail Away’ for us to do as this renaissance duet kind of thing. But I couldn’t agree with the ideas that they had. So I thought, well, this will be my farewell album. Glad I came in! But it did so fucking well, it’s like now, I’m looking at retiring next year on the 30th anniversary of the ‘1987’ album.”



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