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Fenisia : live a Roma questa sera con i Lykaion

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SABATO 30 APRILE – FENISIA + Lykaion + Raw LIVE @ Traffic (Roma)

FENISIA + Lykaion + Raw LIVE Traffic

Brothel of Sound Live Agency Presenta:

FENISIA, la band Enlightened Metal Romana sul palco del Traffic Live
+ Lykaion: Band Dark Metal apprezzata nell’ambiente capitolino

Opener della serata: Raw

FENISIA was born in 2009 in Rome, Italy, from an idea of cousins Nic and Lian Ciaz, two young gifted and versatile artists inspired by the sounds of U.S. southern rock.

Inspired by the imagery of a rising phoenix, they adopted the original monicker ‘FENISIA’. A symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Starting 2011, FENISIA began to adopt a style aimed to integrate their own heavier style with their passion for ancient myth, alchemy, occult science and esoterica in general. With this new , more definite sonic direction FENISIA wrote and recorded ‘LUCIFER’, a concept album with its own com strightforward – and yet complex – musically logical path. ‘Metal of Enlightenment’, as the band likes to call it.

Sabato 30 Aprile – Ore 21:30
Ingresso in Cassa 5 euro

Il Traffic Live è in Via Prenestina 738 a Roma.


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