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Seventh Wonder : firmano con Frontiers Music

Pubblicato il 10/05/2016 da in News | 0 commenti

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Frontiers Music Srl ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto gli svedesi Seventh Wonder, la band dell’attuale cantante dei Kamelot Tommy Karevik. La band ha detto:

“As we were getting ready to get back on track we also needed somebody to partner with — somebody who shared our vision for the band and saw our potential and was willing to commit to the band. We have found that somebody in Frontiers!

We are thrilled to be on board with such a famous label with many of our favorite bands on their roster.

You, the fans, have been more patient than anyone could ever deserve. We are equally proud and humbled by that and we promise to do our best, together with our new friends at Frontiers, to make up for the years of silence by going full speed ahead. And you know what? The new album is sounding great!”



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