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Darkest Hour : in studio a settembre

Pubblicato il 16/05/2016 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Darkest Hour fanno sapere che entreranno ai GodCity Studio in Massachusetts nei mesi di settembre ed ottobre per iniziare a registrare il nuovo album con il produttore Kurt Ballou (Converge). Il chitarrista Mike Schleibaum ha dichiarato:

“We really want to focus on the playing for this album, we want bring the energetic, raw, emotion we exude live to tape this time. We love to jam and riff all day and we feel Kurt’s unique style of producing will complement this perfectly. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we completely respect and trust him as both a friend and musician, meaning we feel this monumental task of bringing another Darkest Hour album to life will rest well in his hands. So with our sights set on Boston for this September we will get back to the riff dojo and start woodshed’n these jams!”



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