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Edge Of Forever : firmano con Frontiers Music

Pubblicato il 17/05/2016 da in News | 0 commenti

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Frontiers Music Srl ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto gli Edge Of Forever: il nuovo album della band dovrebbe uscire ad inizio 2017. Alessandro Del Vecchio ha dichiarato:

“I’m very honored to have my own band Edge Of Forever signed to the big Frontiers family, it’s been a few years now that I’ve worked with Serafino and for some time we have been talking about a record with me on vocals, which couldn’t be with anyone but with my guys. Francesco, Nik and Walter have been with me already on a few albums I released through Frontiers, but this time is gonna be different. It’s our baby and our primal need of creation.

We are entering the studio this summer and I promise we will deliver our best songs and I will top my productions with a bombastic and epic sound. In addition to the new album, we decided to allow Frontiers to re-release our previous albums — which I’m gonna remaster with bonus tracks — for all digital platforms. I guess it’s time for people to listen to the outtakes of our previous albums with our friends Jeff Scott Soto and Bobby Barth. This made the deal even more attractive for us.

Now it’s our turn to say something and give Frontiers our best album so far! I feel and we feel more confident than ever in what we can do. Years of working in the Champions League of rock ‘n’ roll forged us as better musicians. I honestly can’t wait.

After five years of amazing music with Frontiers, I’m excited to do something again with the band that started it all for me. Who’s luckier than me?”



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