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Manowar : il prossimo tour sarà l’ultimo

Pubblicato il 26/05/2016 da in News | 1 commento

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Questo il messaggio comparso sulla pagina Facebook dei Manowar in cui la band annuncia il tour di addio:

Message To All Manowarriors – Nachricht an alle Manowarrior

The Gods And Kings Tour was a groundbreaking moment in our career. The stage, sound, video and you, our fans, were magnificent!

Coming off such an amazing tour it was clear that the next time we must go even bigger and beyond anything we have ever done; something that will fulfill every Manowarrior’s dreams. Then that will be the ultimate moment to say Thank You and farewell!

The Final Battle will begin in Germany and take us all over the world to say goodbye to all of you.

If you know Metal
you know MANOWAR.
If you know MANOWAR
you know Metal!

Those who join this tour will be left with an eternal memory; having witnessed the band that has dedicated their blood, hearts, souls and every moment of their career to True Heavy Metal.

We are calling all Manowarriors to prepare yourselves now and to join us for The Final Battle!”



  1. Uh, che paura!
    Per un attimo avevo letto “Nanowar”…


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