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Skyclad : firmano con Listenable Records

Pubblicato il 8/09/2016 da in News | 0 commenti

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I britannici Skyclad hanno firmato un contratto con Listenable Records.

Il chitarrista/songwriter Steve Ramsey ha commentato:

“We’re really looking forward to working with the whole Listenable team. They did a fantastic job for Satan in the past four years, becoming good friends and reliable partners. We’re excited to extend this partnership to the Skyclad family.

The new album will contain loads of brand new songs as well as tunes based on demos we recorded around 2011/2012. Some ideas from the mid 1990ies that we recently re-discovered might make it to the LP, too!

“Even though we played a couple of ‘old-school shows’ recently, the new LP definitely won’t be a thrash album; but it will be no typical folk metal album either. We’ll use all the options we now have — with three guitarists, additional vocals, fiddle, keyboards, bass and drums — to create an album that will be the same but different. 100 percent Skyclad!”



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