Lucifer : rivoluzione in line-up

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I tedeschi Lucifer si sono separati dal chitarrista Gary “Gaz” Jennings e dal drummer Andrew Prestige. L’ufficialità è stata data con il comunicato qui sotto, in cui vengono annunciati anche i nuovi membri:

“It is true, the ‘Lucifer I’ chapter is closed. Lucifer has parted ways amicably with guitarist Gaz Jennings and drummer Andy Prestidge. It’s been quite a miraculous ride.

The stars have aligned once again: Johanna has teamed up with Nicke Andersson [Imperial State Electric, The Hellacopters, Entombed, etc.] to work on the next album, ‘Lucifer II’. Nicke, Johanna and Robin [Tiderbrink, chitarra] will meet up in Sweden this month to record a few first songs that will hopefully see the light of day very soon. A little taste of what’s to come. Nicke is also joining Lucifer on drums. Stay tuned.”

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