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Amaranthe : Nils Molin entra nella band

Pubblicato il 12/07/2017 da in News | 0 commenti

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Nils Molin dei Dynazty è entrato negli Amaranthe al posto del defezionario Joacim “Jake E” Lundberg. Il chitarrista Olof Mörck ha rilasciato questo comunicato:

“Great news! The Amaranthe lineup is once again complete — and what an addition Nils Molin is! He was at the very top of the list for the male-vocals position, and has already proved his worth on a number of shows with Amaranthe across Europe.

Nils is a born rock star in every aspect yet with a natural sense of humility, and is certain to leave no fan disappointed! He has gathered a vast amount of experience together with Dynazty, and as such has honed his performance skills to perfection; since stepping in, he is already a natural part of the lineup.

Catch Nils on our upcoming European tour, or any of the planned shows for 2017 — and expect great things to come out of this soon!”


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