Abysmal Dawn : firmano con Season Of Mist

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Season Of Mist ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto i californiani Abysmal Dawn, che vedranno pubblicato il nuovo album ad inizio 2018. Questo il commento rilasciato dalla band:

“We’re very happy to be signed to such an awesome and respected label like Season Of Mist. The people there are all die-hard metalheads and we’re glad to be a part of such an enthusiastic and strong team. We also have a long-standing friendship with U.S. label manager Gordon Conrad, who originally signed us. Working with Gordon, Michael, and the other amazing people at the label was just a no-brainer. We’re very excited about the future of Abysmal Dawn these days, and judging by the new material that we’ve been working on, some great things are to come soon enough.”

Abysmal Dawn

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