Pharaoh : al lavoro sul nuovo album

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Gli americani Pharaoh – in cui militano il vocalist Tim Aymar, il chitarrista Matt Johnsen, il bassista Chris Kerns ed il drummer Chris Black – sono al lavoro sul loro quinto full-length album, la cui uscita divrebbe avvenire a metà 2018 via Cruz Del Sur Music. Matt Johnsen ha dichiarato:

We’re doing this one a bit differently, in that before we always completed the full complement of songs and then hit the studio, but this time, we’re recording tunes a couple at a time as we finish writing. Because we’re not a rehearsing band and because we all live in different cities, recording as we write makes it possible to get more done in less time; while Chris Black is tracking drums for one song, I can be tracking guitars for any songs he’s already recorded, and then when I’m ready to move onto the next set of rhythm guitars, Tim can start tracking vocals. We’re still early in the process, though; Chris only just started tracking the first tune.

We have four songs completed as far as instrumentation goes, and three more at about seventy-five percent. Then there are three to five more which are no more than fifty percent finished. In the past, the riffs to most songs were more or less written by one guy, and then fleshed out collaboratively with vocals and lyrics at the end, but this time, the majority of songs have been put together from the beginning with riff contributions from two or more members, and we expect to do more tinkering with the riffs than we usually do once the vocal lines are introduced. Then again, maybe we won’t!”



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