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Metal Church : Stet Howland in cura per un linfoma

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Al drummer dei Metal Church Stet Howland è stato diagnosticato un linfoma (DLBCL), un tumore del sangue molto aggressivo per il quale il batterista è già sottoposto a chemioterapia. Howland ha detto:

“In layman’s terms, it’s essentially a form of cancer in my blood. And while it is a very aggressive form of cancer, it is also very treatable with an 80% cure rate. In my case, I’m one of the lucky ones whom my doctors are confident of knocking this shit completely out of me!

I have gone from actually feeling like death to feeling fairly strong, all in just under one week of treatment,” he continued. “It’s been a rigorous and constant IV fusion cocktail that hasn’t been exactly fun. But if this is what it takes to get back to my family, and to get back to my routine, I find it well worth it.

We started treatment based on the doctors’ initial diagnosis, as they were confident of what they were dealing with. They knew I had a form of lymphoma but the actual details didn’t rear their head until yesterday as we had to await test results.”

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