The Lust : rinnovano con Sleaszy Rider Records

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Sleaszy Rider Records annuncia di aver firmato un nuovo deal con i russi The Lust. “Karmalove”, il nuovo album, uscirà nel corso del 2018. Yan, chitarrista, cantante e fondatore dei The Lust, ha detto:

“Of course, we are happy after a long break to continue cooperation with Sleaszy Rider Records. Since the release of first three studio albums, which have become the foundation of The Lust’s future creativity, it’s been a long time. Over the years, the band has transformed and gained a new voice, thanks to the vocalist Anna Dust from the band Decadence Dust. Now The Lust is more active than ever, sounds fresh and competitive than ever, and from our side it was logical to re-enter the world market with the help of an old business partner and to re-sign our previous contract. Despite the new voice and new dynamism, The Lust’s music is still filled with a considerable dose of anxiety, reflection and a depressing feeling of something going away. The more interesting it will be to trace the evolution of the music The Lust on our new album “Karmalove” under the label Sleaszy Rider Records.”


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