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Ektomorf : rivoluzione in line-up

Pubblicato il 22/12/2017 da in News | 0 commenti

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Gli ungheresi Ektomorf si sono separati da Tamás Schrottner (chitarra), Szabolcs Murvai (basso) e Róbert Jaksa (batteria) sostituendoli rispettivamente con Szebasztián Simon, Attila Asztalos e Dániel Szabó. Il chitarrista/vocalist Zoltán Farkas ha dichiarato:

“After many years of touring and playing together, Tomi, Robi and Szabi decided to leave the band due to personal differences. They left on their own will; it was their own decision to leave. I respect their decision and will separate in peace. I wish them nothing but the best in their life with success and health. Will miss them a lot and thank them for everything! I think we will keep all the great memories forever! They also wanted to say thanks for the fans who provided some of their best time in their life — serving heavy music around the world!”


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