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Il performance video del brano “Rite Of Renewal”, brano estratto da “Hegemony”, album dei Samael uscito il 13 ottobre via Napalm Records, può essere visto qui:

In merito al video, la band ha detto:

“This is the first song from ‘Hegemony’ that we presented live and it became an instant classic.

The video was shot in Les Docks in Lausanne during the first show that followed the release of ‘Hegemony’. It was later edited by Sergey Ulyanov, who previously worked on other visuals for us. The song itself is a mid/uptempo track that shows a more technical side of our music. The dynamic is kept by altering fast and dense parts with open and heavy ones until the grand final with super heavy riffs and apocalyptic keyboard parts.

“What better title for a song than ‘Rite Of Renewal’ to start a new year? 2018, here we go!”

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