Madball : in studio a febbraio

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Gli americani Madball entreranno in studio a febbraio per iniziare a registrare il loro nuovo albu, intitolato “For The Cause”. Durante un’intervista, in merito al processo di songwriting dell’album, il cantante Freddy Cricien ha detto:

“We’ve been writing in between touring, so that’s why it’s taken longer — because we have commitments that we have to follow through on, and then when we get a chance, we write in between. But we feel really good about the stuff that’s coming out. Some of it has been around for a while and some of it is brand new, and it’s all sort of really coming together now. I think it’s gonna be one of the most diverse-sounding Madball records, maybe ever. As far as diversity goes, it’s gonna have a lot of different elements that may surprise some people, but it’s part of our evolution.”

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