Fire For Effect : Derek Roddy è il nuovo batterista

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Il batterista Derek Roddy è entrato nei ranghi dei Fire For Effect, nuova band con ex membri dei Malevolent Creation. Roddy sostituisce Mike Smith (Suffocation).

Derek Roddy ha suonato con Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Council Of The Fallen, Today Is The Day, Traumedy ed Aurora Borealis. Il chitarrista Gio Geraca ha detto:

“Mike was great and we had a blast with him helping us make the Fire For Effect demo, but truth is Mike never had long-term agreements or obligations with Fire For Effect, and he has his own things going on, so we decided to give an old friend, Derek Roddy, a call and now we’re making the record with him. We thank Mike Smith; he will always be cool with us.”

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