Disarm Goliath : è morto Karl Wade

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Apprendiamo dal Facebook dei Disarm Goliath del decesso del loro batterista Karl Wade. Questo è il comunicato apparso sulla loro pagina:

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to share some terrible news with you all, unfortunately our former drummer Karl Wade has passed away.

Karl was an incredible guy, always smiling and never complaining despite suffering with a long term condition that many of us would struggle to live with. The fact that many of his peers have already heard the news and shared their condolences is testament to how he carried himself and how those he met felt about him. We couldn’t have asked for a better drummer, or a better band mate.

Originally the page was delisted after we called it a day, but there are so many photos of Karl on here and memories of the years gone by, that a decision was made to publicise the page again for a while, so anyone who wishes to access these precious snapshots can download a copy for themselves.

The news came to us totally unexpected and has really brought back to mind all the times we shared with Karl, all the places we’ve visited and the people we performed for.

From all of us, we are heartbroken and you will be sorely missed by so many – goodbye and rest easy now, Karl ”

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