Toledo Steel : nuovo video online

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Gli inglesi Toledo Steel hanno messo online il video di When The Night Draws In”, brano estratto dal loro debut album “No Quarter” uscito il 18 maggio 2018 via Dissonance Productions.

Il chitarrista Tom Potter ha detto:

“When The Night Draws In was actually the first song we wrote for the album; Matt and I had spent the day before at a gig in London and the next day (once our hangovers had worn off!) we sat down, got to work and came up with the song pretty much as it is today.

It’s one of our favourite songs to play live and we’ve found that it always goes down well, wherever we are playing. When we were working out how to approach our first music video, the idea of combining the energy from our live show with the strong imagery contained in the lyrics of ‘When The Night Draws In’ was something we felt we had to explore and we’re very happy and proud of the results.”

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