Ritual : accordo con Pure Steel Records

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Pure Steel Records annuncia di aver messo sotto contratto la heavy metal band americana Ritual. Il cantante Juan Ricardo ha dichiarato:

“Hello my good friend! YES. Ritual are signed to Pure Steel Records and we are reissuing our classic “Trials of Torment” album as a 30 year anniversary edition to celebrate the band’s long history. The album will feature new artwork and mastering. Also, a brand new track along with live tracks as bonus material. Ritual will present an official music video of the new track “Beyond the Sea” which is currently being edited. 

Ritual ‘The Trials of Torment’ went to Number 1 in Germany and Belgium in the summer of 1992, but, unfortunately, we were never able to tour there. So in view of this, we will soon announce a European tour of Germany and Belgium beginning from March 11th through March 18th including an appearance at the Full Metal Festival on March 16th in Niederjossa, Germany! We look forward to seeing all of you there”.

A breve verrà annunciata la data di release. La lineup dei Ritual comprende:

Juan Ricardo (Sunless Sky, Wretch, ex-Attaxe, ex-Zyklone, ex-Arenah, ex-Ritual of Torment, ex-Torment, ex-Chemikill, ex-Dark Arena, ex-Stryker, ex-Warmaster) – vocals
Bob Allerton (ex-Abduction, ex-Chronic Rage, ex-Ritual of Torment, ex-Rotterdam, ex-Torment) – guitars
Joe Kilcoyne (ex-Mushroomhead, ex-Spudmonsters, ex-Mystik) – bass
Mike Ruzsbanszki (Kriadiaz, ex-Ritual of Torment, ex-Torment) – guitars
Emery Ceo (Kriadiaz, ex-Arenah, ex-Ritual of Torment, ex-Rotterdam, ex-Torment, S.O.S., ex-Dark Arena, ex-Integrity, ex-Blindside Blues Band, ex-Runt) – drums

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