Abythic : firmano con Xtreem Music

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I death metallers tedeschi Abythic hanno firmato un contratto con Xtreem Music per la release del loro secondo album, attualmente in fase di mixaggio. Intitolato “Conjuring The Obscure”, dovrebbe uscire dopo la prossima estate. Il chitarrista MDB ha detto:

“This new album is divided into 4 chapters. For each chapter a different singer sings, with each chapter the whole equipment was changed, with each chapter we play a different style. In Chapter 1 we play more classic Swedish styled Death Metal very inspired by old Grave (You’ll Never See… era), in chapter 2 we play more finish styled Death Metal like old Belial, Demigod… in chapter 3 we switch back to Sweden… but this time more into Death/ Black Metal very inspired by Necrophobic… and on the 4th chapter we are very inspired by US Death Metal like old Deicide and Malevolent Creation (The Fine Art of Murder era). So… we have a very dynamic album with a lot of surprises. I think we created something unique in this genre… especially by changing the styles and productions within the album.
T.S. is also the drummer on this Abyhic album. Normally I played drums in the past, but this time I’m playing all guitars on this. On the previous releases I also wrote the whole material for the band. On this new Abythic albu you will find members from bands like: Reckless Manslaughter, Selfdevoured, Anam, ex-Ingurgitating Oblivion and Suffocate Bastard”.

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