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Durante un’intervista rilasciata a “Talk Toomey” ad inizio giugno, il batterista dei Testament Gene Hoglan ha ha detto che le registrazioni del nuovo album si sarebbero concluse il 12 giugno:

“I know the band was shooting for completing the album by June 12th. I know that they had that as a pretty hard target for completion of all the tracks. And then I don’t know what producer Andy Sneap is up to — I think Andy’s probably out on the road with Judas Priest as the band’s touring guitarist — but I understand Andy will be mixing it. We tracked with Juan Urteaga, like we have the past couple of things. And Juan’s great to work with. People might know him from the Machine Head albums that he’s done. And he’s done a lot of tracking for Testament in the past, as well as Ted Nugent, Night Ranger — God, you name it. Juan’s awesome to work with. I love tracking with Juan. He’s a cool guy, super positive, and that’s always fun.”

ROME, ITALY- JULY 27, 2016: Testament photographed at The Roman Collisseium in Rome, Italy on July 27,2016.
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