Deathstars : in studio per il nuovo album

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Gli svedesi Deathstars si trovano in studio per registrare il loro quinto album, atteso nei negozi per inizio 2020. Inoltre, il chitarrista Cat Casino è tornato nella band, questo quanto ha dichiarato :

“It feels great to finaly make it official. We’ve been talking about it for well over two years, so releasing the news really feels great. Especially since so many of you have been asking us about it every day. Now you know! We’re back, I’m back, we’re hungry and we have so much going on and we look forward to show you the things coming up.

“Even though I’ve been active writing and playing for other artists, this feels like coming home. And, to be totally honest, I’ve missed every part of being a piece of it. The love, fights, darkness, insane hours, parties and everything else that we all hate to love. Most of all, I’ve missed the completely MENTAL fans around the world. I’m stoked to see you all again somewhere in the world, and the new album is gonna kick some serious ass!”

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