Dark Forest : a breve in studio per il nuovo album

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Cruz Del Sur Music ci informa che gli epic metallers britannici Dark Forest entreranno agli Hellfire Studios di Burton Upon Trent per registrare il loro quinto full length, intitolato “Oak, Ash & Thorn”. Il chitarrista Christian Horton ha detto:

When we are between releases, the flow of musical ideas and lyrical themes is constantly trickling along in the background until we have enough material to shape another album, our songwriting has been a steady, constant stream since the formation of the band. As ever, the music is a continuation of previous albums although this time, we’ve concentrated on making the album more concise and solid. While the songs are fewer than the last album, they are probably some of the best and strongest we’ve ever written. You can expect classic Dark Forest riffs and melodies, rousing, epic choruses and a few unexpected twists along the way.”

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