Imagika : nuovo album a settembre

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Dopo quasi dieci anni di silenzio tornano a far parlare di se i californiani Imagika! La line-up della band conta sul chitarrista Steven D. Rice (Kill Ritual, Imagika), il vocalist Norman Skinner (Skinner, Niviane, Hellscream, Imagika), il bassista Jim Pegram (Mudface, Angerhead, Imagika) ed il guest drummer Matt Thompson (King Diamond): questi musicisti hanno registrato il nuovo CD! Composto da otto nuovi brani, l’album dovrebbe uscire il 13 settembre via Dissonance Productions. Il chitarrista Steven D. Rice ha rilasciato questo commento in merito alla rinascita della band:

“While on the Kill Ritual tour (with Iced Earth and Sanctuary) we made a stop in Sacramento, CA. which is not far from the SF Bay Area and where all the past members live so Jim and Norm made it out for the show. Jim played with Kill Ritual that night (as he did on the European tour the year before) and Norm caught the performance. I hadn’t seen Norm in years so we drank a few (ok a lot!), bullshitted, caught up on life and had a nice reconnect. Fast forward a few months later. As I was writing the new Kill Ritual record I would have material hanging around that didn’t quite fit the KR style or direction and that with some older ideas from the past I said to myself “Wow this really has an Imagika direction to the material”, so I ran a couple of ideas past Norm and he gave it his spin and before we knew it we had an album composed and ready to go. After bringing in Jim, who’s been pushing for this for years in on bass along with a guest appearance by Matt Thompson (King Diamond) to play the drums it sounded great. I’m a firm believer in always moving forward and never looking back, but I’ll have to eat my words on the “Never Again” and just say it was meant to be! The new songs are definitely Imagika in 2019 with tight riffs, concise arrangements; hook-laden vocals and great grooves! I think our old and hopefully, new fans will absolutely love this CD. We can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

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