Forlorn Hope : nuovo singolo in streaming

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Gli inglesi Forlorn Hope hanno messo online il nuovo singolo “Badajoz”, brano estratto dall’imminente debut album “Over The Hills” in uscita il 26 luglio. Lo trovate ai link qui sotto, nel post messo online dalla band:


The album is almost here, a mere two weeks away, but there was one song that just couldn’t wait any longer. It’s big, it’s dark, it’s epic…this is ‘Badajoz.’

This intense, sweeping track tells the story of the storming of the fortress of Badajoz in 1812; one of the bloodiest incidents of the Peninsular War.

‘Badajoz’ has been a staple of our live performances since we started out on this long campaign, so we’re sure there are plenty of you out there eager to hear the studio version.

You can stream ‘Badajoz’ on Youtube and on our Website:

‘Badajoz’ will be available on Itunes and Spotify soon!

‘Over the Hills’ releases on July 26th and is available to preorder from our webstore or digitally via Itunes. A selection of merch bundles are also available for preorder.

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