Q5 : si scioglie la band

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Gli americani Q5 comunicano il loro scioglimento. Questo il comunicato diffuso dalla band:


To our friends and fans all over the world,
You may have read this morning on the Metal Assault Festival’s social media that Q5 will not be performing at the 2020 festival because we have disbanded.

It is with great sadness that we now confirm this news.

We were waiting with great respect to Oliver and his METAL ASSAULT team, until they were able to select a suitable replacement for us at the festival before we made our announcement, so this is why you heard about it from them first.
As to why the band is no longer, we will simply say that there were challenges within the band that made it impossible to continue. We all still remain friends, but it just wasn’t going to work any further.
Please know that we have nothing but the deepest love and an incredible gratefulness for all of our wonderful fans, friends and colleagues all over the world. We most certainly endeavored not just to make fans, but to make FRIENDS, everywhere we went…. and we did just that. THANK YOU!
We are beyond thankful to everyone who supported Q5, and allowed us the outstanding opportunities that we experienced. These are memories that we will NEVER lose, and are truly dear to each and every one of us.
Of course you will see each of us on a stage somewhere again, but until then take good care of yourselves, be good to each other and forever ROCK ON!
Jeffrey A. McCormack
Scott P. Palmerton (aka: Jonathan K.)
Evan Sheeley
Dennis Turner
Nick Layton

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