Soilwork : cancellano un concerto a Singapore

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I Soilwork hanno dovuto cancellare il loro concerto a Singapore previsto per il 29 ottobre. Lo show era originariamente previsto per il 12 marzo ed era stato rinviato tra le polemiche a causa di una petizione che ne chiedeva l’annullamento.

Oggi la band ha annunciato la cancellazione dello show via Facebook:

“It is with great sadness that we need to inform you, that our scheduled show on Oct 29th will be cancelled. A combination of events has led to this unfortunate decision.

Björn recently underwent major surgery for varicose veins in his left leg. He is still in rehabilitation process and need to do a follow-up appointment at the clinic and is not recommended to travel before Oct 29th. Singaporean laws also make it near impossible for Björn to bring the needed medicines. Since immigration goes through Singapore, as the first show on the tour, we would run the risk of canceling the remaining dates if Björn can’t bring his medicines. It’s very unfortunate and nothing we take lightly. We are deeply sorry about this.

Please know that Singaporean promoter Street Noise Productions have done everything they can to make this show happen, ever since our March show postponement. We are obviously devastated over their massive financial losses and really hope to make it up to them and also you, our fans. We beg for your understanding and to respect our situation.

We hope to find another opportunity, when circumstances will be different for the band to play in your country. Thanks for your understanding.

The remaining 2019 tour dates in Australia, Japan and Finland will go ahead as planned.”

La band svedese ha pubblicato proprio oggi una nuova canzone intitolata ‘Feverish’. Il brano è disponibile in digitale insieme a una nuova versione del singolo ‘Stålfågel’ tratto dall’ultimo album, che vede la collaborazione della cantante degli ARCH ENEMYAlissa White-Gluz.

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