The Darkness : Justin Hawkins si scusa con chi si è sentito offeso dalla cover dell’album

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Il frontman dei The Darkness Justin Hawkins si è scusato con chiunque si sia sentito offeso dalla copertina dell’ultimo album in studio “Easter Is Cancelled”, uscito il 4 ottobre via Cooking Vinyl. Hawkins ha detto:

“What we were trying to do was interfere with biblical iconography and the sources we studied to assemble that image was from hundreds of years ago. We didn’t recognize that it might be insensitive in the current climate. We saw it as something as escapism in talking about an imagined scenario from an alternate reality, and if we have offended anybody, all we can do is apologize.”

Hawkins, tuttavia, non si è scusato per aver posato come Gesù sulla croce.

“I play Jesus, yes, that’s controversial, but then again Willem Defoe has played Jesus, no one gives him a hard time. We are not denying the existence of Jesus Christ.”

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