Lou Gramm : spiega perchè non si esibirà più da solista

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In una recente intervista con Daily Boom, il cantante Lou Gramm (Foreigner) ha spiegato la sua decisione di non esibirsi più come artista solista. Di seguito le sue parole:

“At the end of last year, I disassembled my own band and that was that. Different variations of that band had been together for 13 or 14 years, and we had great shows. Whether there was a Foreigner reunion or not, I knew that it was time for me to put an end to that. This year, I’ve played on and off with ASIA. They do their songs and then they do arrangements of my solo work, plus Foreigner songs. They’re very good and we have a lot of fun on stage, but even that is coming to an end later this year.

I’m in the process of winding down and I’m at peace with it. I’ve been doing this at a professional level, usually extremely busy and working hard, for 45 years. I can still sing; I don’t know if I’m as good as I was 40 years ago, but I can still cut the parts. I’ve just lost the desire to be out on the road performing constantly. I’ve done enough. I’ve got a lot of other things that I’d like to turn my attention towards like my family and my obsessive hobby [laughs] — American muscle cars! I have a lot of fun with that, and I’ve been into it since before I was old enough to drive. When you tour, it’s usually in the summer, so by the time the tour is over, it’s almost too late to get the car out and drive it. I live in the Northeast, so come October, that’s when everyone is putting everything away.”


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