Stryper : novità sul nuovo album

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Il frontman degli Stryper Michael Sweet ha detto di aver scritto 11 canzoni per il prossimo studio album della band. Il successore di “God Damn Evil” verrà registrato tra gennaio e febbraio e verrà pubblicato la prossima estate. Il disco segnerà l’esordio con gli Stryper del bassista Perry Richardson (Firehouse), entrato nella band nell’autunno 2017 quale sostituto di Tim Gaines. Il 30 dicembre, Michael Sweet ha scritto sui suoi canali social:


“It begins. The album is written and ready to go. 11 songs that will go to 11. The guys come out a week from today. It will be our first album with @perryrichardson777 and I can’t wait for the world to hear his bass and vocal abilities. We are stronger than ever, better than ever and more determined than ever before. @stryper keeps proving the haters and critics wrong year after year. 36 and counting. We were disregarded by the industry long ago yet we keep moving and growing and there are no signs of slowing down. We have the best fans in the world and because of them we can continue to record, tour and thrive in a turbulent music world. To anyone scratching their heads right now saying to themselves ‘I wish they would just go away’ – We’re not going anywhere. Also, this will be our best album yet. Are you ready for The Yellow & Attack in 2020? It’s coming…….”


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